It's been quite a ride!

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It's been quite a ride!

Postby Patikol » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:23 pm

Hello people!

All good things do eventually come to an end, isn't it what they say?

After all this time, Patikol MC undoubtfully managed to declare its complete success. With more than 4 years of total lifespan, and more than a thousand of total players, nobody can disagree.

In all those years, Patikol MC always provided a smooth gameplay experience to all of its players, and a fair one, disregarding money and donations, which were never a priority anyway.

However, as stated before, all things come to an end. Patikol MC has now made its cycle. It’s time for new things to come, both for us and for you.

Personally, I would like to truly thank everyone that joined our community and played on our server, dedicating their free time on Patikol MC.

We did have a great time! We hope you did too!

Patikol MC will be closing its gates on July 2nd.

See you around! :)

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