PATIKOL.MC's New Era Is Coming!

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PATIKOL.MC's New Era Is Coming!

Postby Patikol » Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:19 am

Hello everyone!

It's been a while... One and a half year actually since we talked for the last time. One and a half year since Patikol MC shut down.

We shouldn't talk about the past, though. We're here now and Patikol MC is doing a full restart, starting from scratch and hoping to become your favourite Minecraft server!

I am very glad and hyped to announce that Patikol MC will be with you in a few days from now. A countdown is set at our main website at [url][/url] and the time's tickin'. You're gonna experience one of the best Minecraft experiences you ever had.

Our principles remained the same as the old server. We want a server that doesn't lag, with helpful and not game-destroying plugins, and with friendly staff. And we have this package.

Our server never lags thanks to the great server and network specifications. It's really annoying when you place blocks and they appear after an hour, isn't it? Well that happens at these small, bad, unorganized servers. We aren't one of them. Nobody deserves to play with lag and we wouldn't even launch if we were about to provide a laggy experience.

Our plugins are one of the best available, and at the same time, they do not alter the main game in any way. We don't want to ruin your gameplay experience. We want to provide you with a bunch of available addons for you to have fun with.

Our server consists of 3 parts. The first part is the Survival one. It is the classic survival that you've all been used to. No changes. The second part is the Creative one. Our creative part consists of two more sub-parts. The PlotWorld and the Creative2. The PlotWorld is a huge, flat world where you can claim your own plot(s) and build whatever you want, with gm 1 ofcourse. Creative 2 is a normal world, without plots, just like the survival one, with the only diferrence being that you have gm 1 enabled. Lastly, our third part is Minigames. Minigames are some games that you can play with friends or strangers when bored of survival and creative. We currently have 4 diferrent minigames on our server, each with its own fun side. You can never get bored on our server.

And we have all of these diferrent playmodes in the very same server, because we can and because it would be annoying to have you connecting to diferrent servers everytime you wanted to do something else.

Ofcourse, we have a bunch of other, necessary and helpful plugins that will make your experience even better. They are so many and I'm sure I'll miss some if I start writing them now, so you will find out yourself when you'll join the server!

The staff team couldn't be anything but the best. We are a small but powerful team that will deal with any problem that you might experience. We will always be there for you. Talk to us in-game or send us a message and tell us what's up!

I also wanna note that we've been up to building some amazing stuff for this new server and the results are fascinating! The spawn, as well as everything else that will be there is awesome and built exclusively by us!

As regards the server stability, as I already said you'll never experience any lag. We also hate resetting worlds, because we hate seeing work getting lost as much as you do. We promise you won't lose a single block you've placed.

I think that's all I had to say. Hope I didn't forget anything because everything deserves to be said about this new server.

Save the server IP in your server list to have it ready when it launches:

We will all be waiting for you there at the 14th of July!

See ya.

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