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Postby Patikol » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:12 pm

Hello everyone!

The forum had some technical problems but that didn't ruin any of the opening fun that we had on Sunday!

It took us a while until we get everything set up, but the result is really amazing and it was worth the wait.

Our server has so many features that will never let you get bored. There are so many things you can do. First of all, there is the classic survival that we all love. We managed to add all the necessary and fun plugins without ruining the overall gaming experience for you. That means that you can enjoy survival without any conflictions from irritiating plugins.

But survival isn’t everything, right? Our server also features not one, but TWO diferrent creative worlds for those out there that do have a bit more creativity than us. Our first creative world is a Plot world. Each player has its very own plot that only him and his allowed friends can build. The world is flat and you can have more than one plot to create various things! Our second creative world is a normal world, just like the survival one, with the only diferrence being that you are in Gamemode 1 here.

And that’s not all yet! We also have Minigames! Minigames are fun games you can play with your friends or other people in the server. We currently feature FOUR diferrent Minigames, so that you will never get bored. Spleef, Hunger Games, Build My Thing and BlockHunt (Hide and Seek)!

All of those are awesome, and they need two things to make the server succeed. A strong server and good staff. And we have both 

Our server features 3 GBs of RAM and 36 player slots. For you, that means ZERO lag and, hopefully, an always-ready-for-you seat in the server!

Moreover, our staff team might be small at the moment, but is also one of the best and most helpful you could ever find in a server. Maturity, Helpfulness, Activity and Excellent Language Skills are what each player needs from a server’s staff team, and yes, you guessed it, we have them all.

As mentioned before, our server combines the classic Minecraft experience with some great plugins. There’s no need to mention all of them right now, but you can take a taste from our main website, mc.patikol.com .

Enough with writing. I am so thrilled with our server that I don’t wanna continue saying what you will find. Our server runs on 1.10.2 and supports all the 1.10.x clients, so there is absolutely no excuse in not coming by!

We are waiting for you! Come join our opening party and meet a server you will never forget!

PS. And a random info: We have over 100 total players in 3 days! WOW!

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