News #2: 25/12/2016

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News #2: 25/12/2016

Postby Patikol » Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:00 pm

Hello everybody and Merry Christmas!

Today, after some months, I am here to announce to you our latest news!

First of all, our forum, which had been out of service for a big amount of time due to a heavy spam attack, is now available again. Almost everything from the spam attack has been completely wiped. We also doubled the protection measures so that we prevent any future spam attacks.

Moreover, the forum has received a refreshing design update!

In addition, if you don't already know, Patikol MC has been updated to Minecraft's version 1.11.2, meaning that by playing in our server, you experience Minecraft in its latest version!

And we keep updating it oftenly with the latest builds available so that you experience as less bugs as possible.

In this period we also fixed some bugs regarding our server, plugins and website.

We also have a new, special website for donating which you can find at

There have also been some other changes, which you will find out by playing!

Karim has also passed his Trial status and is now a Moderator! Congratulations, Karim!

You can also get notified ASAP by anything happening on the server by's Twitter page or by the Alerts on Patikol MC's site!

We are more than happy to see you guys playing daily in our server! We hope you like and enjoy everything!
Have fun!

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