*UPDATE: About The Recent Downtime

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*UPDATE: About The Recent Downtime

Postby Patikol » Fri May 12, 2017 11:15 am

Hello people,

After all these time that has passed, unfortunately the server is still down. And as I have already made clear, we are not responsible for this.

All these days we kept constant communication with our hosting company to learn anything new about the condition of the repair procedure. The staff members kept assuring us that the panel will soon be up and running again and that we shouldn't worry about anything.

However, things came out to be diferrent in the end. Two days ago, I got a message saying that the panel in which our server was on, suffered from complete data loss.

That's something I had already guessed though, there's really no technical problem that takes a month to be solved, if it can be solved.

Ofcourse, as it is obvious, we had to atleast respect ourselves and leave this company ASAP. Even the "refund" they provided us with for the lost days and data is ridiculous.

This sounds bad, however we are lucky. People tend to insure data in the case something like this happens. That's what we did, and we fortunately have an available backup for the server.

The backup ofcourse isn't from the very last day before the server closed, so there might be a rollback when we open it again.

Moreover, since we are changing host, take into mind that our IP address will also change.

We still don't know the new IP address, but you can start by deleting the old one from your server list for now.

We will try to find a new host and put everything into order soon, because the server is already offline for 1+ month and it's enough.

We will notify you for anything newer with a new topic.

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