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Postby Patikol » Sun May 14, 2017 6:30 pm

Hello people,

Today I am very glad to announce to you that, after a long time period, we are again up and running!

As I told you, the last days were hard due to the fact that our previous host showed how professional they are not and announced that they lost our whole server data.

From the time we learned that, we started the procedures of opening a new server at a new host with our backup.

In a small time period of some days, we did find a quality new host and uploaded our backup, as well as did some updates on the server's engine and plugins!

However, as I told you, the backup was not very recent, which means that there will be a rollback.

Most of the things are there though, and that's what's important!

We also have a new IP, which is

Our server should be running smoothly by now, however we are still finishing some necessary things and there might be some restarts and unstabilities for the next hours.

We hope you will have the same fun as you did in our old server!

See you ingame!

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