News #4: 14/1/2018

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News #4: 14/1/2018

Postby Patikol » Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:27 pm

Hello people,

First of all, happy new year to everyone!

As regards the server, just a quick update to let everyone know how things go.

We have implemented Votifier, which is a plugin that rewards people who vote for our server on the voting sites that we provide. More specifically, we are giving 1 diamond and 1 steak for every vote you give us. That means that you can gain up to 5 diamonds and 5 steaks per day if you vote at all of the 5 voting sites that you can find on our main website. And it only takes a few seconds!

We have also changed our host and moved to a new, faster and more reliable one for even better overall experience.

Everything's actually going pretty well. We 've come to a point where we don't have any serious bugs so we don't need to be updating all the time about them being fixed. :P

We 're updating our plugins quite oftenly to ensure the best possible experience for all of the players.

We haven't updated the server to MC 1.12 as there were still, up until recently, some major bugs. However, the latest builds seem to be quite acceptable and we could be updating soon.

Our staff members, for the time being, stay the same, as well as their ranks.

We are very glad to see new people every now and then. The server is growing steadily and that's very positive.

That's it for now, don't forget that you can also donate in order to make it easier for us to maintain the server at [url][/url].

Until next time, have fun on our server!
See you ingame.

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