1.12.2 Update

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1.12.2 Update

Postby Patikol » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:49 pm

Hello people,

I am very glad to announce that the server has been updated to Minecraft (Craftbukkit) version 1.12.2 !

This is the latest Minecraft version, and as before, both premium and cracked clients can join.

Unfortunately it was not possible for us to be updated sooner, because there were multiple bugs with the java build and a lot of incompatibilities with the plugins.

All of our plugins are there and almost nothing has changed since 1.11.2 !

The only diferrence that you should know is that the Modreq plugin was incompatible with the latest update and it had to be replaced with another, similar plugin, called DreamHelper. This plugin works pretty much the same way as Modreq did - with tickets. It's only the command that changes. So now, in order to send us a support ticket, you have to use the /dhticket message command!

Moreover, after some tests I did, I came to the conclusion that there aren't any new bugs either!

If you find, however, any bugs, you can always report them to us through the /dhticket command or through our forum!

Have fun!

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