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*NEW IP* + New Host

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:19 am
by Patikol
Hello people,

So, you might have noticed that Patikol MC was down the last week and that was due to some major errors that appeared after testing out Bukkit 1.13 on our world.

More specifically, the 1.13 build corrupted multiple server files, as well as the world itself, and made it impossible to start it even with the 1.12.2 engine.

Thankfully, we did have a recent full backup of the server, and the data loss is minimal.

Taking this chance, we also moved to a new host, with better hardware, meaning better in-game experience and zero lag.

However, this had the downside that the IP would need to change.

Note it down, the new IP is:

Paste it on Minecraft and come join us!