5G blocker

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5G blocker

Postby brulepetra » Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:31 pm

As we all know, in the market there are some type of cell phone signal jammers, such as 3G blocker, 4G blocker, and new 5G blocker. A 5G blocker is rather expensive as it can almost block all cell phont signals including 2G3G4G5G, while a cheaper 3G blocker can only block 2G 3G. So, we are confused that whether a 3G blocker still work in this 5G era. Here, at www.jammerall.com, a professional jammer/blocker sales platform, you may find a answer.
The mobile phone jammers from jammerall own the ability of blocking the signals of cell phone, WIFI 3G and UHF. Of course,These are also portable mobile phone jammers for you to choose.

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